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    Re-activate the energy of labyrinths by creating geometrical spaces all over the world to unite the old and the new. 
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Re-activation of use of labyrinths

"For more then 5000 years labyrinths have been used as a symbol for transformation, healing and communication. In this decade of transformation, labyrinths can play a powerful role to create balance again."

Why NeoLabyrinthium

We believe that a new era of labyrinths has arrived. Labyrinths in their old and new forms will guide the world, our consciousness and the human body into this new times. In NeoLabyrinthium we honour the legacy and combine it with new opportunities. We believe that to really life a live of purpose, we have to see life as a labyrinth and not like a maze.

Key applications of walking labyrinths

Walking labyrinths has many positive effects on the soul, body and mind. It's walking your lifepath in a conscious and balanced way. Knowing that you are always there where you need to be. Just keep walking and you will arrive.


For centuries labyrinths have been used for supporting human transformation  e.g.hunting, getting into adulthood, mourning, ...

Healing and balance

Walking labyinths rebalances emotions, the body and the soul. It can heal, release and unwind blockages. Healing on individual level, group level and collective.


Walking labyrinths guides personal learning journey. It stimulates the problem solving mindset, creates focus, coordination and concentration.

Modi Operandi


Creating a labyrinth on the ground is designed as a project and a enjoyable group activity. It activates the location. It can be created for permanent use or temporary e.g. during events, festivals, ceremonies or teamactivities. We help choose form and materials to be used.  We help you how to build the perfect labyrinth.


Fingerlabyrinths are a more recent use of labyrinths. The labyrinths are smaller so you can walk it with your fingers,  take the labyrinth always with you or use it in individual therapy sessions.  For most off our fingerlabyrinth activities we work with our own created labyrinth.


Our 3D version of labyrinths will transport you to the next level. You can virtually walk the labyrinth you want, anytime, any place. Experience  walking  a labyrinth as you have never experieced it before.

Fysical Locations

Public Spaces

Labyrinths are public attractions to put into parks, playgrounds, educational forests, public gardens and cemeteries.


Labyrinths are very applicable in schools going from elementary to secondary all the way up to university. They optimise the wellbeing, learning abilities and educational transitions.

Health centers

Labyrinths in combination with plants can optimise  wellbeing and health. Creating therapeutical spaces supports healing energy of a place as well of those who walk into it. By means of mental balance, mobility, ...


Bringing symbols of labyrinths into gardens is very decorative and enjoyable. You can use this flued forms to give your garden a more organic look, re-activate certain areas in your garden and create a silent sacred space at home.

Ask for our creations on the ground or vertical creations through greenwalls.

Positive effects?

Besides the fact that walking labyrinths is already very old, more recent studies and research reveal the real effects of walking labyrinths. These were measured by the International Labyrinth Society, Universities and others.

  • Stress reduction
  • Cognitive balance
  • Emotional balance
  • Feeling of harmony
  • Spiritual growth
  • Collective frequency influence
  • Bringing focus (ADD, ADHD)
  • Answers to life questions
  • Lots of other individual experiences

Why us?

Working with labyrinths is a specific expertise which involves the knowledge of multiple disciplines e.g. plants and construction, skills on facilitating labyrinth-walks , healing-knowledge,... Therefore we work together with a network of experts and organisations that support us.


We are thrilled to be a partner in rural projects and to coordinate building labyrinth projects. We work in co-creation with the local community and stakeholders to create areas of silence and reflection in your neighbourhood. 


You can invite us for the facilitation of labyrinth walks on topics like transformation, communication and healing, and for teamactivities.

We also provide workshops on the topic of fingerlabyrinths and labyrinths and there use in educational and therapeutical settings.


Together with our partners and the talents of local community members, labyrinths are build. Permanent or temporary. We use materials from the environment. We work and think circular.


In our webshop you can find the different products already created based on our own Labyrinth of Harmony. Curious?

Our mission

We believe that by re-activating labyrinths and integrating them with new techniques, we can create a world in which we are more connected with our essence and in which the inner and outer worlds are in harmony.